Jaffa Films addresses cultural diversity by creating original and innovative films, bolstered by new scholarship and new means of representation.

As an artist and filmmaker, Barnard Jaffier has honed his storytelling abilities by working on numerous nationally broadcasted PBS documentaries, such as Ken Burns’ Jazz: The History of America’s Music (Kunhardt Productions), African American Lives, and Malcolm X: Make It Plain (Blackside/Roja Productions).

Jaffa Films’ artistic mission is to engage in storytelling of often underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. Our projects will essentially allow African Americans, Latinos, women, and other groups to be more fully represented in film and media projects.

Project Services

Jaffa Films offers the following services:

  • Pitch Entertainment Concept
  • Development of Show Concepts & Ideas
  • Identifying Trends in the Marketplace
  • Treatment Writing
  • Script Evaluation
  • Creating Show Proposals and Budgets
  • Conceptualizing and Producing Presentation Reels

*Free 10-minute consultation provided by a Jaffa Films associate.

Rates are available upon request.

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