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Michael Vitti, was a tireless, energetic force in the New York independent film community, his untimely passing on April 19th was felt by all who knew him. Michael grew up .7 miles west of Samuel Clemen’s Hartford house on Farmington Ave (now called the Mark Twain House & Museum). One of Michael’s first books read was, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which probably explains Michael’s  childlike curiosity  with the world.

(There’s a bird on the camera)

One of Michael’s greatest legacies is the Moving Pictures Collective. It’s mission is to support filmmakers who use digital tools to tell their stories. As Founder, Michael believed strongly in education and achieved the status for the group of a New  York 401(c)3 educational non-profit. Michael believed  strongly in the value of both education and community to support  passionate individuals striving to tell their stories.

I am proud to have worked with Michael on one of his last projects, the TV One network documentary series, Murder In Black and White. The four part series was intense and demanding, yet Michael braved it all with an intelligent, generous and playful spirit. Please join, Moving Pictures Collective and fellow well-wishers and media artists for Michael’s transition.

Thank you.

Barnard Jaffier

Owner/CEO, Jaffa Films. LLC

Series Producer/Director, ‘Murder In Black and White’  TV One network

Celebration/Memorial in Michael’s honor.

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