Scenes from Jaffa Films historical documentary,

‘Rediscovering Kate Carew’.

(1) Actors: Dolores Gonzalez as Mary Williams/Kate Carew; William Rogers, as Harrie Kellett Chambers. Circa 1898.

(2) Animated storyboard: Kate Carew’s first drawings for the New York World documented the world of  stage, cabaret, dance halls, and movie houses. Actor, John Drew. Circa 1900.


‘Rediscovering Kate Carew’

Director/Producer, Barnard Jaffier

Writer, Anna Jhirad

Production Associates, Kate Livo, Charles JonesCinematographers, Rich Marino, Clifford Jean

Editor, Laia Cabrera

Creative Consultant: Lewis Erskine

Animation/Illustrator: Franklyn Espinosa, The Art of Frank.

Executive Producer, Samuel Pollard

Production Company, Jaffa Films, LLC

Legal Counsel, John Ives

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