The following is a listing of NYILFF’S 2008 Documentaries screenings. A more complete listing, including show times for all films and events:
All of Us
New York Premiere
82 min / Color / HD
Director: Emily Abt
Producers: Emily Abt and Reva Goldberg

In the troubled South Bronx, a young doctor embarks on a research project to find out why black women are being infected with the HIV virus at an alarming rate. Eventually, Dr. Mehret’s work yields a startling realization: all heterosexual women seem to face a dangerous power imbalance in the bedroom, one with far-reaching, life-and-death repercussions. “All of Us” is not a tragedy, but rather an empowering story of resilience, sisterhood and activism.
Thursday 3:30 PM @ Clearview Cinemas

Saturday 2:00 PM @ Fordham University

Children of a Rape
New York Premiere
64 min / Color / HD
Director: Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Producers: Yorgos Avgeropoulos and Anastasia Skoumpri
“Children of a Rape” tells the story of El Salvador’s two biggest gangs, largely made up of teenagers. This compelling documentary tells the contemporary history of the 12-year civil war that raped this Central American nation – a war that continues to claim victims long after its “official” end.
Thursday 10:40 PM @ Imaginasian Theatre

Friday 6:00 PM @ Helen Mills Theatre

Estilo Hip Hop (Hip Hop Style)
World Premiere
Director: Loira Limbal & Vee Bravo

Chronicling the emergence of hip hop in Brazil, Chile and Cuba, “Estilo Hip Hop” examines the regional politics that underscore the growth of hip hop’s global appeal.
Friday 4:00 PM @ Fordham University: Lincoln Center

Thursday 9:30 PM @ Clearview Cinemas
Very Young Girls
New York Premiere
84 min / Color / HD
Directors: Nina Alvarez, David Schisgall, Priya Swaminathan
Producers: Nina Alvarez, David Schisgall, Priya Swaminathan

“Very Young Girls” follows teenage girls as they are seduced, abused and sold by pimps on New York City’s streets, yet treated as adult criminals by police. Using intimate interviews when the girls are working, and later, when they are in recovery at GEMS (Girls Education and Mentoring Services), plus footage shot by the pimps, “Very Young Girls” will change the way society as a whole looks at sexual exploitation.
Saturday 3:30 PM @ Clearview Cinemas

Luchando (Fighting)
Director: Noelle Stout

Shot illegally in Havana, “Luchando” follows four charismatic hustlers – two macho men, a bisexual female rapper, and a transgender woman – who work the underground gay sex trade, emblematic of the growing division of classes in the socialist holdout.

Friday 8:00 PM @ Helen Mills Theatre

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